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Dear Customer

this webpage is being reveleoped, please email any enquiries to or contact us on our Facebook, search Roses with Secrets ......

Many Thanks xx 


Welcome to the home of personalised roses and  

flower compositions, 

which will take you on a magical journey to our

Secret Roses Valley .

Here, you will find everything you need 

to make your loved ones happy. 

Happiness radiates like the fragrance 

from the flower

and draws all good things towards you.


...let the Roses With Secrets speak for you...


On our website you will find only  the HIGHEST QUALITY ROSES, delivered fresh in a luxurious box to your door  ..... sooooo if you are looking for something that will stun and astonish people, then please feel free to browse through our exclusive products :) 


" What's in a name?


That which


we call a Rose


By any other name,


Would smell


as sweet ".


/ Shakespeare /


















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